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March 15, 2022


On Twitter

Jen @jaymdski

Our Grade 3 morning meeting started with some big thoughts and feelings about the world, so we shared ways we could bring peace to the world and drew some sunflowers (national flower of Ukraine).

Laura Collison @lauracollison

The throne speech today is insulting to teachers and has an emphasis on homeschooling and charter schools. There is no mention of support for public schools. We need a government that values and respects teachers and prioritizes public education.

Dave Martin @d_martin05

Diplomas were implemented in 1974, and look almost identical today. Imagine if your doctor based her judgment about your health using tools not updated since 1974. Maybe it is time #abed leaves these archaic tests on the shelf of history

one tired teacher @orabt_

If parents know what’s best for their kids, not politicians, then why are you STILL pushing the deeply disturbing @Alberta_UCP curriculum? You need to listen to yourself speak more often.

On education funding

Ms. O @MsOTweets77

And yet with all this “funding” I still have one set of textbooks to share with three classes. We hold bake sales to raise playground equipment money. I get a grand total of $100/yr to buy “necessities” for my class.

On the increase in oil prices

Kelly Aleman @KellyAlemanRD

No time to waste. Teachers would love that revenue to bring down class sizes that benefit ALL Albertans.

Facebook Feedback

Sandra Tedeschini

Has Adrianna LeGrange ever been in the classroom? Does she have an education background? Nevertheless, her knowledge of what kids should and should not learn is debatable. Does she think that teachers want to change parts of the curriculum? Especially after the last two years?


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