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We asked about mental health; you responded

As the new school year approaches, what’s one thing that you plan to do differently this year to help support and care for your mental well-being?

August 31, 2021


Cheryl T

I have made a list of my favourite things I can do to calm down when the stress is too much. When my brain is in peak fight/flight mode, I can’t always remember how to pause and reset.

Michelle Sherlow

I plan to enjoy all the small things that make life and teaching good. Connections and laughter with students and colleagues will be a key strategy!

Chrissie Epp

Self-care and showing support to my colleagues. We all need a little <3 . Teaching can be hard sometimes. You need to find someone who has your back and support.

Kae McFadzen

I will remember that connecting with kids is not only the reason I chose teaching in the first place, but is also the thing that fuels me.

Tash Marie

Leave all expectations at the door and appreciate everything we have, while we have it.

Andrea Pantella McGeachie

Enjoy a more normal year and being with students, continuing to support, cheer and build morale for my colleagues. Set boundaries and say no a bit more. No one else will take care of my well-being!

Meghan Ruth

Focus on being rested and refreshed for my students each day by making time to enjoy the things I love — including lots of walks and naps!

Laurie Jean

I am going to fill buckets! Take the opportunity to be grateful daily. I am also going to work on organizing and getting rid of things I don’t use or need.

Andre Wolf

Set boundaries for myself regarding stressful situations. Also, continue implementing Patrick McKeown’s breathing techniques and exercises. Getting back to activities I used to like doing prior to the pandemic.

Lindsay Elizabeth

Setting more boundaries for myself! Not working all evening or weekends! I need some me time to be the best teacher I can be.

Kristin Basaraba

I plan to get my body moving a lot more and spend lunchtime with colleagues, something that was difficult to do in person last year! I also will continue the well-being touch bases with students that I prioritized during COVID. Many great relationships developed with students and families from the increased communication that I hope to continue for years to come.

Tania Kim

Last year was challenging! I will continue using a growth mindset – for myself, too – offering grace to myself like I do for others when a mistake happens or things don’t go well. 

Allie Caitlin

With a lot going on personally, planning a wedding and other family events, I have decided to only take on committees that I am passionate about. Until now, I have said yes to everything and everyone, but this year I am respecting myself a little more by respecting my time and the time I want to spend planning these exciting personal milestones.

Danielle Cunnin

Make and plan time for play and rest. It is critical for my physical and mental well-being. Smile at my students more, because I miss seeing their faces.

Chris McLean-Sleger

I am planning on enjoying my class more this year. Last year was awfully hard.

Nedra Dreyer

Take time each day to reflect, greet each morning with gratitude.

Carleen Pocklington

For my own mental well-being I am going to make sure I get a good night’s sleep, a walk in both the morning and evening, gym workouts and a healthy diet. All of these things will make me feel I’m at my best.

Faye Holt

Make and plan time for play and rest. It is critical for my physical and mental well-being.

Rachelle Huppe Nielsen

By leading daily mental health activities in class, I will model the importance of regularly supporting mental health.

Sunata Lazzari Halliday

I am going to find opportunities to laugh more with my students, with my family and with my friends. This past year has reminded me to let go of things I can’t control and that there is joy in connection. I want to rediscover fun.

Eva Hutchinson

I think I will be smiling more because I’m so looking forward to seeing faces and smiles again this year!

Charis Dawn

Focus on my physical health by eating gut-healthy foods and exercising regularly. Focus on emotional health by acknowledging my feelings and celebrating the unique gifts that come with being a highly sensitive person. Focus on my mental health by recognizing lies I tell myself and change them into positive affirmations. Focus on my spiritual health through meditation, gratitude and prayer.

Sacha Reanne

I will continue to love my students first, and teach them second, knowing that it’s been a stressful time for everyone and that the most important thing they (still) need is to feel safe and loved.

Heather Gagne

Make sure that I am setting boundaries. Evenings and weekends should be mine. Encourage my students to show those pearly whites (or lack thereof), let them see faces and expressions, find things to be grateful for, every day.

Amanda Rae

See my students face to face! I was an online teacher last year and it was so challenging. I missed the amazing discussions that come from group work. I am ecstatic to see them in person in September. Also, boundaries! Less work on nights and weekends because that’s well-deserved family time!

Heidi Tanner

I’m going to be the best teacher I can from the minute school starts to the minute it ends and then be the best wife and mom the rest of the time, with at least 30 minutes to an hour just for myself, be that reading a book, exercising or just some much-needed alone time!

Kristine Woodford

I am going to make sure I say thank you to the people that make a difference in my day. Leave a note of thanks to my librarian, hall mates, department team and everyone who goes above and beyond to cheer me on and bring that sparkle with them to share. ❚   

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