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Tale End

February 25, 2020


On Valentine’s Day we asked teachers to share a happy sentiment about a colleague.  



Lori Sagbo — Fresh off of a semester off, she’s at school at 7 a.m. and often there into the evening. She rocks the heck out of her amazing closet to keep those art and cosmetology students on their toes, and constantly develops new and improved courses!

– Rebecca Carr 


Rebecca Carr is the lady of the hour. Her Viking name would be Rebecca the Tireless. She never stops. If she isn’t planning interesting assignments and projects, she is encouraging, fact finding, advice giving, confidence building, organizing and, most of all, making our school a place I want to be working at.

– Lori Sagbo


I have two. Sandra O’Flaherty is an amazing VP. She is kind, caring, empathetic, phenomenal with the students and staff alike. She is an excellent role model for all others around her! Right behind her and modelling those same characteristics as a teacher is Katherine Kelly. She is all of the above as well, and she continually amazes me with her energy.

– Heather Gagne 


Carmen Cornelius is a master teacher and a thoughtful colleague. Her dedication to connecting the outdoors to our daily life has lead to the improved mental and physical health of our students and staff. She championed our school division’s outdoor classroom and brought learning alive for so many of her students. She has changed lives. She inspires me to be a better teacher and person. I am grateful for your mentorship, our conversations and for all the ways you bring wellness to the forefront of this profession.

– Char-Lee Thompson 


I think about the positivity Travis McNaughton brings to everything he does. He altered the way I see students and parents. As my friend and former principal, his kindness works like a seed that continues to grow in the work he does daily with students and staff throughout Parkland School Division. I cherish the time we shared a building and the conversations we had — some hard and some hilarious. Thanks for the listening ear and the kind words. I still keep these questions up on my wall: What are we learning? Why is it important? and How do we know we are doing good work? I call them my Mcnaughtonisms. – Chelsea Leigh 
Christy Haggarty is a treasure. She never ceases to astound me with her deep capacity for love. She is a soft place to land for so many students. She is an inspired and inspiring educator, and I’m so proud to call her my friend.

– Jessica Scalzo


Seda Teacha is so supportive, in and out of the classroom. She can also always brighten my day with kind words and knowing just when I need chips!!!

– Cindy Potter 


Cindy Potter is the best “waker upper” — she calls me with a cheery song when I don’t want to go to work. She also just knows when I need a hug without me asking. I love working with her.

– Seda Teacha 


Marissa Humphreys has an incredible, easygoing way of making all students feel comfortable in her music class, and she also knows just what to say to get you to smile/laugh till you cry. This is her first year, and you’d think she’s been doing it forever — she makes it look easy! – Devon Bajura-Macaulay 
Rebecca Boorse is a faithful role model in our Catholic school.

– Tasha Lyne 


I couldn’t ask for a better teaching partner! Carol Rogers is always there for our students when I have been pulled away from the class. She is always two steps ahead and keeps me up to date on anything that is missed. Couldn’t do this year without her.

– Rachelle Coral 


Jennifer Green teaches a love of music and creativity that will stay with her students forever. Plus she’s an awesome lady.

– Lisa-Marie Szyron 


Samantha Smith, even though it has only been 100 days working together, it feels like we’ve been friends for much longer! You’re a great listener and an amazing teacher who I’m lucky to work with!!

– Karen Varze 


Jenn Emm is always caring for everyone around her. No matter how tough things get, she is always there to lend a helping hand or a caring, compassionate ear.

–  Michael Versteegt 



Heather Racz of W.H. Croxford High School in Airdrie and Justine Merritt of St. Sylvester School in Calgary shared photos of their desks on Valentine’s Day.
Photo supplied.

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