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February 5, 2020

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On the Curriculum Advisory Panel

Nicole Cey @ceyscience

Absolutely ridiculous. A 68 million dollar curriculum revamp being reviewed for many more millions and next to nothing being accomplished. Looks like the remodel only needs more standardized testing to prove teachers aren’t doing their jobs.

Erin Norrish @ErinNorrish

“The Panel would like to thank all individuals and stakeholders who shared their expertise and insights.” @albertateachers, you were on that list. Do you feel as though we, as teachers, had the opportunity to provide expertise and insight?

Paul McCann @Paul_M_McCann

Curriculum design WAS always about moving kids and this great province forward. This UCP government continues to live in the past... and it was wonderful while it lasted. But, we can’t go back. Please, give our future generations a chance.

Alison Van Rosendaal @avrosendaal

I had a read through the curriculum panel recommendations. Do you know what is missing in their research? Curriculum.

Greg Kushnir @gregkushnir

You see, the point of a high-quality education system is to ensure students can think critically. That means looking at all points of view. @albertateachers do this extremely well. Why are @Alberta_UCP supporters so afraid of people learning to think?

Dree @shmoopita

As an educator, education researcher and parent, I’m frustrated at the release of AB’s draconian curriculum review. It is such a huge step backwards and one that has erased decades of proven educational research. I stand with a public and nonstandardized education system.


Facebook Feedback

On the Curriculum Advisory Panel’s recommendation re standardized testing

Christina Wilson

I have been teaching for almost 20 years. The UCP says it believes standardized testing will help to identify students who are falling through the cracks. I can assure you, every teacher can identify within the first month of school which students are struggling. This is not the issue. The issue is that there is a lack of consistent support FOR those students. Put the money into additional resource teachers, not expensive tests.

Linda Butler Dunn

How unfortunate. These people don’t understand what these tests will do to the youngest students. The first years should be spent developing a love for learning, not a fear of testing. High-stakes testing is not valuable at these young ages.

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