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Teachers’ convention enables us to connect, develop and refocus

February 5, 2020


As a teacher, I always impressed on my students the importance of lifelong learning. Teachers know the importance of continuous growth and work hard to refine their teaching practice throughout their careers. Recent changes to the Teaching Quality Standard along with the development of the Leadership Quality Standard and Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard have further sparked the need for teachers and school leaders to take a reflective look at their practice. Teachers’ convention provides us that very opportunity.

Teachers’ convention has always been one of my favourite times of the school year. Not only was I able to connect with colleagues I had not seen in a while, it allowed me to refocus my energy around my own professional growth. The ability for teachers to engage with their colleagues is important, and Association research shows it is one of the most preferred ways to engage in professional development.

Convention also allowed me the opportunity to seek a variety of different professional development options that I could later expand on if I desired. As a result, not only have I been fortunate to hear some great speakers who have challenged my thinking around pedagogy, or life in general, I have also been fortunate to present to my colleagues on my own learning and professional practice. (Though I believe that when I have presented at convention, my colleagues mostly came to heckle me from the back of the room.) Regardless, both opportunities enhanced my teaching, and I am grateful to the teachers who volunteer their time and energy to organize conventions for their colleagues across the province. ❚

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