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September 24, 2019



ATA meme hits a nerve


The textbooks for Science 9–12 are becoming obsolete as science changes so rapidly.

Greg Lemieux

I use the same textbooks that I used for 7–8 science. When I taught physics, the textbooks were published when I was born!

Meaghan Toth

Oh man, I was still in grade school and now

I teach [that curriculum].

Re: ATA News editorial

“Long, hot summer for public education”

Madison Grace

Solid perspective. We need to stay informed and engaged. Now is not the time to be asleep at the wheel as union members.


Adriana LaGrange @AdrianaLaGrange

It was wonderful to start my day by meeting and having coffee with 7 @albertateachers representatives. Thanks for sharing your experiences and providing me with insight into the successes and challenges in southwestern Alberta!

Patricia Grell @grell_p

Look out Alberta: the Americanization of our publicly funded AB school system is on its way. Funneling $ from public to private schools will erode the quality of public schools and you’ll be paying more out of your pocket.

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