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June 9, 2020




How will your summer plans be different this year?

Jodie Kachkar 
I’m determined to shut down my laptop and not check work email etc. for at least a month. In that time I’m going to order a cellphone tripod from Amazon. Since I generally volunteer at various Edmonton festivals throughout the summer, I’m purchasing a ukulele and will put some time into learning to play it this summer in my down time.

Jody Lynn 
I will be unplugging for several weeks and spending as much time as possible outdoors. I want to read for fun, spend time with my family and watch my garden grow.

Nikki Breton 
I have been helping my parents with some projects and work around their cabin not far from the city. I plan to spend as much time as possible enjoying the sunshine in the yard at the cabin and being out on the water in the boat or on the sea-doo.

Catherine MacLellan 
I won’t be able to travel to Cape Breton. This will be the first summer I won’t be home since I moved here in 2011 to teach. Instead I’ll be enjoying our new home and yard.

Brenda Kelly 
More online learning ... but for me! I’m starting a master of education program. Camping is in the books too.

Chris Landry 
Likely no trip east to visit my family so probably golf, golf and more golf.

Genevieve Payeur 
My four kids and I are going to unplug in July and go find out-of-the way picnic spots to recover from the intense time in front of screens. Then in August I’ll be looking into flipping my classrooms and learning all about my new addition to my teacher role as classroom support teacher.

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