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2020 Gotcha! Photo Contest—Announcing the winners

June 9, 2020



COVID-19 did not dissuade camera-carrying teachers from bombarding the ATA News with dozens of photos for the 2020 Gotcha! Photo Contest



Yuet Chan 
Veteran ATA News photographer and graphic designer

Cory Hare 
ATA News managing editor







The ATA News thanks all teachers who participated in this year’s Gotcha! Photo Contest.


Here are the judges’ top three picks along with some honourable mentions.




As a storm rolls in overhead, outdoor education students conduct an exploration by snowshoe of the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area southwest of Calgary.

Photographer: Tyler Dixon, Marshall Springs School, Calgary

Date of photo: March 12, 2020

Judges’ comments: This photo evokes many feelings, whether it’s an appreciation of nature’s breathtaking grandness and our relative human smallness, or maybe just a little chill and shiver. Contributing to the photo’s strong impact are the expanse of sky and the lines formed by the horizon and snowshoe trail, which draw the eye to the procession of intrepid snowshoeing explorers.



Grade 12 student Mason Jorgensen of the Hunting Hills Lightning takes to the air on his way to the basket during the Scott Doan Memorial Tournament in Red Deer. 

Photographer: Lesley Young, Hunting Hills High School, Red Deer

Date of photo: Dec. 13, 2019

Judges’ comments: This photo cleanly captures a moment of concentrated athletic effort. Freezing the subject at a considerable height while also displaying an animated facial expression contribute to a strong composition, as does the inclusion of the basket at the top of the frame.




Grade 1 pupil Carley Lam (the photographer’s daughter) participates in her school’s activity day by demonstrating her newly acquired skill of jumping rope.

Photographer: Huong Ly, Marion Carson School, Calgary

Date of photo: April 29, 2020

Judges’ comments: Joy, innocence and a little bit of air are all captured in this photo, which conveys a feeling of freedom and fun. The shadows add an interesting element to the composition.

Honourable Mentions



Grade 6 student Makena Hollinger pulls her hoodie tight to avoid the camera while attending her school’s outdoor education camp.

Photographer: Danielle Jean, Muriel Martin Elementary School, St. Albert

Date of photo: Sept. 25, 2019

Judges’ comments: A glimpse of a single eyeball through a tuft of hair and a bunched up hood lends an air of mystery to this photo.



Students from Smith School’s grade 4/5 class ham it up for the camera while snowshoeing around their community. 

Photographer: Caitlynn Chernish, Smith School, Smith

Date of photo: March 6, 2020 

Judges’ comments: This photo embodies the exuberance of youth with dynamic facial expressions and airborne antics.



Kindergarten and Grade 3 students from St. Theresa School in Wabasca brave cold and wind to make bannock during the winter carnival festival, held in the school yard. 

Photographer: Tatsuya Goto, St. Theresa School, Wabasca

Date of photo: March 12, 2020

Judges’ comments: The cooking sticks and overhead structure form geometric lines that draw the eye and create visual interest. Great angle of view, and the smoke adds atmosphere to the photo.





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