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May 20, 2020

Letters to the editor

Foul language detracts from Carrington’s message

I cannot believe the ATA is wasting money on Jody Carrington to give a webinar. I’ve seen her in person at convention. [She has] a mouth on her that rivals some rig hands I knew back in the day. Now one or two expletives placed in a speech for emphasis, in the right place and at the right time, will work for some audiences, but she drops so many F-bombs that are completely unnecessary that it actually detracts from her as a speaker. People can’t even concentrate on the point she’s trying to make! She might have good ideas, but many teachers I know are so turned off by her delivery that the message is lost.

Luke Peters
Gus Wetter School, Castor


Facebook Feedback

Teachers comment on the webinar delivered by psychologist Jody Carrington on May 9.

Read the story and additional comments in Tale End.

Tracy Marie 
I needed to hear what she had to say — all of it. I’ve been beating myself up more and more each week of this convoluted situation as I feel that I’m not enough for my class. The one comment that stands out over and above the rest is that you do what you can with what you’ve got and that’s enough.

Michelle Mason 
Jody did an amazing job holding space for teachers during her session. I felt heard and seen.

Nicole Falcone-Dempsey 
First and foremost, thank you for hosting this for our members. Amazing webinar. So many takeaways.

Eugénie McCallan 
She just makes me feel good. It makes me feel like my work is important and, most importantly, that I’m important.

Donna Lee DeBruin 
I think it will be important to have her present again in August, before we go back. I can see teachers getting overwhelmed with all they hope to accomplish, but we have no script for what we will be walking into. This will also be important for new teachers.

Heather Plesniarski 
Joined a friend at the school we teach at, had coffee in hand, Dr. Jody on the Smartboard, and felt gratitude for feeling heard and acknowledged. Thank you ATA!


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