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TALE END: Teachers lean on their colleagues … regardless of species

April 28, 2020


In this world of working in isolation, the word “colleague” has been co-opted to mean “pet,” so we asked teachers: “How are your colleagues helping you connect with your students?”


I have three dogs ... so every day is an adventure with them. This is what working from home looks like with Tripp the corgi. – Alyssa Harrison


I’m an education student in my third year of university and this is Oreo! He loves to join my Zoom classes and type on my laptop. – Katie Doucette


Vanilla helping with emergency online learning. – Mary Lynn Maher


Benny is always playing “April Fools” tricks on my students in my lessons! – Alyssa Rose


Ms. Summer subbed for me for 20 seconds, then got fired for sleeping on the job! – Michele Pellis


Chester helps teach every video music lesson! Sometimes he even sings along! – Crystal Brophy


Harley supports me by helping me create video lessons. – Anne Mouck


My “colleague” headbutts books out of my hands while I am reading to students and makes them laugh during these difficult times. – Cassandra Martin


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