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Sharon Vogrinetz named acting co-ordinator of Teacher Welfare

April 28, 2020 ATA News Staff


The Alberta Teachers’ Association has appointed former co-ordinator of Teacher Welfare, Sharon Vogrinetz, to serve in an acting capacity with the resignation of current co-ordinator, Sandra Johnston.

Vogrinetz is well-known to many teachers across the province. She began her career with the ATA in 1995 after spending 13 years as a music, French, health and mathematics teacher with the Elk Island and County of Lamont school divisions.

Vogrinetz served as a Teacher Welfare staff officer supporting local bargaining, administering collective agreements, and managing pension and benefits, eventually rising to the position of Teacher Welfare co-ordinator in 2008. In 2013, she was appointed as the assistant executive secretary, a position she held until her retirement in 2017. Since then she has returned from time to time to assist program area staff by providing coverage and capacity, particularly during periods of exceptionally high workload.

Executive Secretary Dennis Theobald expressed the appreciation of the Association and members for the work that Sandra Johnston has done over her career to protect and advance the interests of Alberta’s teachers through collective bargaining, often in very challenging circumstances. Theobald noted that Johnston will continue to serve as an Association nominee on the board of directors of the Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund (ATRF), which she currently is chairing.

“We have an exceptionally strong group of very talented staff in Teacher Welfare and, with additional assistance from Sharon Vogrinetz, I am confident that members will continue to be well-served,” said Theobald.

He also wished Johnston well as she looks to new opportunities. ❚


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