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Snapshots from around the province

March 17, 2020

Students from Horace Allen School in Coleman participate in “loose parts” play during a nature discovery day. Students and adults all signed a pledge agreeing that the students could play without adult interference unless an emergency occurred.



 Members of Calgary Local No. 38 show off their Red for Ed garb.


 Jann Arden speaks at the Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention on Feb. 28. 

 Pink: The Colour of Kindness

 On Pink Shirt Day at Rosary School in Manning, all students and staff placed their name in a bin, then selected a name at random. Each person then designed a pink “kindness” T-shirt for their selected person. The subject’s name went on the front and the designer’s on the back. All the shirts were then randomly posted in the hall, and each person’s mission was to find the T-shirt designed for them and personally make a connection with the designer.

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