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Council advances women in leadership efforts


January 15, 2020 Audrey Dutka, ATA News Staff

Highlights of the Provincial Executive Council meeting held Dec. 5–6, 2019, at Barnett House in Edmonton

  1. Authorized a $5 million withdrawal from the Special Emergency Fund to address current and anticipated liquidity challenges and included in the 2020/21 proposed budget a scheduled annual repayment of at least 1/15 of the total withdrawal until the full amount is returned to the Special Emergency Fund.
  2. Urged program areas to seek internal economics across all budget areas within the current fiscal year.
  3. In accordance with section 31(2) of the Teaching Profession Act, extended the deadline for the commencement of three hearings of the Professional Conduct Committee.
  4. Authorized the removal of the initial evening session from the Beginning Teachers’ Conference, which will instead run for two full days.
  5. Approved the names of five teachers for addition to the Association Indigenous Education Professional Development Facilitator name bank.
  6. Approved the 2019/20 Political Engagement and Public Education Advocacy Action Plan for implementation.
  7. Authorized a change of date for the Political Engagement Seminar to be held on March 6 and 7, 2020, and authorized an overexpenditure of $15,000 to invite parents to this seminar.
  8. Approved in principle and referred to Resolutions Committee for processing a resolution encouraging locals to establish women in (education) leadership committees.
  9. Authorized the Women in Leadership Committee to sponsor an environmental scan of how systems of quotas for women are enacted in organizations and political structures and their effectiveness.
  10. Amended the Administrative Guidelines to provide an additional allowance of $800 for each delegate in excess of four who attend Summer Conference. The change applies to locals with fewer than 300 members.
  11. Removed outdated items related to entitlements for Council members from the Administrative Guidelines.
  12. Appointed Council members to serve on the Indigenous Education Committee, Finance Committee and Teacher Welfare Services Committee.


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