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Rocky View teacher wins Calgary District byelection

November 5, 2019 Laura Harris, ATA News Staff

Karen Nakaska has won the 2019 Calgary District byelection.

Nakaska will serve as district representative (DR) for the approximately 3,000 teachers in Calgary District until the current term of Provincial Executive Council ends on June 30, 2021.

Throughout her career, Nakaska has taught various grade levels, worked in traditional and alternative schools, and acquired extensive experience in both rural and urban settings. She has also undertaken various roles with Rocky View Local No. 35, including local secretary.

“I am humbled by and grateful for the support and encouragement given to me in pursuing the role of DR for Calgary District. I am honoured to have been elected to this position and am excited to have a greater platform from which to advocate for our profession, our teachers and our students,” said Nakaska. “I wish to thank Kerri-Ann Brauner for entering into this arena with me.”

Voting took place online from Oct. 21 to 24. Results were announced Oct. 25.

Role of a district representative

District representatives (DRs) are elected members of Provincial Executive Council and are responsible for

  • attending Council meetings and Annual Representative Assembly;
  • ascertaining the views and issues of teachers in their district;
  • sharing at Council meetings the views and issues of teachers in their district;
  • familiarizing themselves with all aspects of Association business in order to
    • act as a resource person to the ATA locals in their district;
    • participate in Council decision making; and
    • continue their professional development. ❚

  Kerri-Ann Brauner 


  Karen Nakaska








Karen Nakaska

About Calgary District

The Alberta Teachers’ Association organizes the province into 11 geographic districts, of which Calgary District is one. It is represented on the Association’s Provincial Executive Council by one district representative. The approximately 3,000 teachers of Calgary District are employed by a total of four school jurisdictions and belong to four correlating ATA locals.


Canadian Rockies Public Schools Canadian Rockies Local 59
Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools Christ the Redeemer Local 29
Foothills School Division Foothills Local 16
Rocky View Schools Rocky View Teachers Local 35

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