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Council opens door to local women-in-leadership committees


November 5, 2019 Audrey Dutka, ATA News Staff

Highlights of the Provincial Executive Council meeting held October 24–25, 2019, at Barnett House in Edmonton

  1. Approved in principle and referred to Finance Committee for review and costing a proposed list of programs on which the Association should focus in 2020/21.
  2. Authorized the executive secretary to appoint an official trustee to the Canadian Rockies Local No. 59.
  3. Authorized staff to engage government officials in discussions concerning the Association’s assumption of responsibility for certification of a unified profession.
  4. Named Danny W. Maas to the position of executive staff officer, Professional Development, with a start date to be mutually agreed upon.
  5. Amended the frame of reference of the Committee on Council Election Processes, appointed field members to the committee and allocated $16,800 from contingency to provide for two meetings of the committee.
  6. Appointed an alternate chair to the Professional Conduct Complainant Appeal Committee for the 2019/20 year.
  7. Approved the Association’s 2019/20 capital budget.
  8. Amended the administrative guidelines related to Summer Conference to reflect current programming and reimbursement guidelines.
  9. Approved in principle and referred to Resolutions Committee two proposed resolutions to amend policy to help substitute teachers acquire permanent certification by removing barriers in obtaining an evaluation.
  10. Approved the names of five teachers for addition to the Association Instructor name bank. The bank is used as a source of appointments to the Association Instructor corps as the need arises.
  11. Approved for distribution a sample frame of reference for locals who wish to form a women-in-leadership committee.
  12. Approved a date change for the Well-Being of Children and Youth conference to May 9, 2020, in Edmonton.
  13. Accepted in principle the report and findings of the Committee on Convention Review; referred the report and findings to staff to develop a draft implementation plan for presentation to Council at its January meeting; and disbanded the Committee on Convention Review with thanks.
  14. Authorized the purchase of a table of six at the Parkland Institute Annual Fall Conference, taking place November 15–17, 2019, in Edmonton.
  15. Named council and field members to serve on Association committees and amended the frames of reference for the School Leaders Issues and Concerns Committee and the Indigenous Education Committee. ❚

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