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September 3, 2019

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On the government’s announcement of the Curriculum Review Panel and its exclusion of any active teachers

Genevieve Court
This is so disappointing and upsetting to hear that we were purposely cut out of input. To be accused of not putting student learning first is frustrating and infuriating! Of course I put them first — they are the future and I want them prepared and ready to think critically and problem solve for all issues (big and small) they will come across in their future! This job is my passion, it’s not a platform for my political views.

Deborah Walter Badger
Very unfortunate that this is turning out this way. Would doctors, lawyers, nurses etc. not be included in decisions that affect their clientele so as to have the best outcome for them? This decision is so misguided and backward thinking.

Scott Raible
Shutting teachers out of the advisory panel simply sends the message that this government does not value public school teachers or the experience that we bring to public education.

Jacki-Lyn Marie
Every teacher and parent of a student in Alberta needs to talk to their MLA ASAP.

Vicki Dawe
I can’t imagine teachers not putting children’s needs first.

Kathy Newman
I agree, there has been no recognition of the curriculum revision already accomplished under the NDP government. To me, this is just a power play. We need leadership that respects the accomplishments of others!

Jane Kinzer
Albertans are getting what they VOTED for! This is what it will look like if we don’t vote for something other than the old boy’s club. As a teacher, I am thinking carefully before voting in the federal election this fall. Are you?

Kevin Munch
Heaven forbid they involve the teachers who will implement said curriculum.

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