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Byelection underway in Calgary District

August 27, 2019 ATA News Staff


The Alberta Teachers’ Association is inviting nominations for the position of district representative for Calgary District, one of 18 elected positions on Provincial Executive Council.

About Calgary District

The Association divides the province into 11 geographic districts, one of which is Calgary District. This district is represented on Provincial Executive Council (PEC) by a single district representative. Within the district’s boundaries are approximately 3,000 teachers employed by four school jurisdictions and belonging to four correlating ATA locals.

School jurisdiction ATA local
Canadian Rockies Public Schools Canadian Rockies Local No. 59
Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools  Christ the Redeemer Local No. 29
Foothills School Division  Foothills Local No.16
Rocky View Schools  Rocky View Teachers Local No. 35

Role of a district representative

District representatives (DRs) are elected members of Provincial Executive Council and are responsible for

  • attending Council meetings and Annual Representative Assembly;
  • ascertaining the views and issues of teachers in their district;
  • sharing at Council meetings the views and issues of teachers in their district;
  • familiarizing themselves with all aspects of Association business in order to
    • act as a resource person to the ATA locals in their district;
    • participate in Council decision making; and,
  • continuing their professional development.

Who is eligible to run?

To be eligible to run in the 2019 Calgary District byelection, you must not be in receipt of an Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund pension and you must either

  • hold an active ATA membership in good standing and be employed by any of the school jurisdictions in the geographic district of Calgary District (a teacher or principal working in a school);
  • hold an associate ATA membership in good standing and be employed by a school authority or ATA local in the geographic district of Calgary District (e.g., a teacher employed as a school board consultant or as a staff officer with an ATA local); or
  • hold an associate ATA membership in good standing, reside in the geographic district of Calgary District but not be employed by an employer that provides you with membership in any ATA local (e.g., a teacher employed by the Government of Alberta).

Term of office

The term of the successful candidate for district representative Calgary District will be effective Oct. 3 (if only one nomination is received) or Oct. 25 (if there is a contested race for the position). The term concludes June 30, 2021.


The Association enters into agreements with school boards to ensure district representatives have the time needed to serve on Council (up to 100 days release time) and conduct Council-related functions.

In addition to the release time, district representatives are also provided honoraria and expense coverage related to Council meetings and other related duties and activities.

Nomination deadline

The deadline for nominations is Oct. 3, 2019, at 5 p.m.

Nomination papers and details are here.

Posted on the Association’s website is the complete nominations package, containing essential election information, schedules and forms. On Aug. 27, hard copies of the package were sent to ATA local secretaries and ATA school representatives across the geographic district of Calgary District for the purpose of sharing the information with colleagues in their locals and schools.


Direct your questions regarding the upcoming byelection to either of the following election team members:

Robert Mazzotta
Elections Returning Officer

Laura Harris
Elections Administrative Officer

We’ll keep you posted

Follow us on social media, read the ATA News or visit the ATA website for up-to-date byelection information.

About Provincial Executive Council

Provincial Executive Council (PEC) is the committee of 20 teachers responsible for directing the business of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. It includes five table officers (ATA president, two vice-presidents, past president and executive secretary) and 15 district representatives. Its table officers and district representatives are elected to office by ATA members and serve two-year terms. Byelections for positions are held when vacancies occur before a Council term ends.

Members of PEC

  • are Alberta-certificated teachers;
  • attend two-day Council meetings at least eight times each school year;
  • represent the Association at its Annual Representative Assembly, which is attended by more than 400 teacher delegates who debate and set Association policy and budgets;
  • make decisions which influence the teaching profession and inform the strategic direction of the Association;
  • serve on internal (ATA) and external committees and subgroups; and,
  • engage in professional development as part of their duties.



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