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R U Ready?

March 5, 2019

Voting for the 2019 PEC Election opens March 14 at 8 a.m. and we want you to be ready. Here are just a few tips on how to prepare to rock the vote!

R U eligible?

Active and associate ATA members are eligible to vote in the 2019 PEC Election.

You are an active member if you are a certificated teacher employed by a public, separate or francophone school jurisdiction in Alberta who is in the classroom, on a secondment or on a leave of absence.

Associate members are those who are neither active nor life members of the ATA.

Get to know your candidates

Candidates in the 2019 PEC Election have been campaigning since mid-January.
If you didn’t catch them at your teachers’ convention or local election forum, check the bulletin board in your staff room for their campaign materials. Also, visit the ATA website, where their election platforms are posted in print and video.

About voting

See the voting instructions mailed to you Feb. 25, or check out our new video demonstration to learn how quick and easy it is to vote.

And, here’s how to tell in which geographic district you vote: if you are employed by an Alberta school jurisdiction, the district in which you vote is determined by the ATA local to which your employer is linked. If you aren’t employed by a school jurisdiction, where you vote is determined by the school jurisdiction in your city or town of residence.

Get your online ATA account

You need an online ATA account to vote. If you don’t have one, view the video demonstration on the ATA website. You might also try asking a colleague for help since about 70 per cent of ATA members already have an online ATA account.

If you already have an account, be sure to update it before the election because the eligibility information you declare determines what geographic district your ballot will represent.

Get your ‘group’ on

If you are an ATA school representative, you may want to use the ATA portion of your school staff meeting to gather your colleagues and do election activities as a group. Maybe use your school’s computer lab to host an online ATA account sign-up event, view candidate speech and voting demonstration videos, or have a voting party. Even if you aren’t a school representative, you can still gather colleagues and do these activities together.

Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm – Share It!

Here’s our new “I voted” button. Use it on social media after you vote to share that great I-just-participated-in-democracy feeling. It’s available on our website.

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