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PEC brings your voice to ATA table

March 5, 2019

Provincial Executive Council (PEC) is the executive committee responsible for governing the Alberta Teachers’ Association and directing its business. Its membership consists of five table officers (ATA president, two vice-presidents, past president and executive secretary) and 15 district representatives (DRs).

Of PEC’s 20 members, 18 are elected by you.

All PEC members are certificated teachers. They serve two-year terms and meet at least eight times (two days at a time) each school year at Barnett House in Edmonton. With the exception of the ATA president, whose position is full-time, PEC members remain classroom teachers and administrators on a part-time basis after they are elected. They are in your schools, doing the work you do and experiencing your teaching conditions.

The ATA president and vice-presidents represent the Association and its membership in face-to-face meetings with other groups and bodies involved in public education. DRs represent the Association’s 11 geographic districts and the members within them. Nine geographic districts are represented by one DR. Two districts (Calgary City and Edmonton McMurray) are each represented by three DRs.

All members of PEC work with the goal of making sure initiatives and activities undertaken by the Association address those issues that are put forward by Alberta teachers and voted into policy by their colleagues at the Association’s Annual Representative Assembly.

With much help from ATA local presidents, local executives, ATA school representatives and members of ATA committees and specialist councils, PEC members bring the voices of more than 45,000 Alberta teachers to the Association. This is their most important duty because the Association is the legal collective voice of teachers in Alberta’s public, separate and francophone jurisdictions, and to be effective, it must maintain an understanding of its members’ issues and perspectives.

Voting in the 2019 PEC Election is open March 14 to 18. Take the time to vote and have a say in who will help give you a voice in your Association and your profession.

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