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A fresh beginning

October 16, 2018

About 435 teachers from throughout northern Alberta gathered for the Beginning Teachers’ Conference in Edmonton from Sept. 27 to 29. The conference is open to teachers in their first two years of classroom teaching.

The Calgary version took place from Oct. 11 to 13.




In their words

Rianna Coutts 
Aspen View Local No. 7
It’s great to connect with teachers during breaks. I attended the sessions Classroom Management — What Works and Unseen Hurts — Promoting Positive Mental Health in Alberta Schools. The group discussions among colleagues were helpful. 
Adebowale Adetunji 
Greater St. Paul Local No. 25
The conference is informative. The session Student Assessment and Evaluation is relevant. I agree with the presenter who emphasized the importance of assessing outcomes rather than placing too much focus on textbooks. 
Landon Lewsaw 
Battle River Local No. 32
I’m impressed with the enthusiasm and the amazing energy in the conference. Everyone is passionate about teaching. That’s why I’m involved in education. The topics on inclusive education, classroom management provided some useful tools for me. 
Aiana Burr 
Pembina Hills Local No. 22
The food is good and the information is useful. I like many of the topics and wish I had time to attend more sessions.



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