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February 26, 2019

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General comments

Grant Bertamini @MrBertamini
Sigh. I wish I didn’t have to say this (again), but competition does not breed excellence in education. That’s just not how education works. Education is not a business and children are not products.

Ed Pub Teachers @EdPubTeachers
Thank you to all our candidates for district representative: @carmenglossop @nancyba1 @gcarabine and @missmarkiana. We appreciate you for coming out to speak to us and answering our questions.

On curriculum redesign

PuffDaddy @StudPuffin44
The PCs started the revamp, it was taken over by the NDP. Now when the UCP are elected they want to start all over again. Meanwhile, my Grade 6 class is still learning science from a curriculum that was last revised in 1996.

Erin Norrish @ErinNorrish
“We will consult with the experts...” If @albertateachers aren’t the experts, tell me who that includes @jkenney.


Facebook Feedback

On the ATA’s sardine can class-size advertisements

Waishing Lam
The complexity of our classes is increasing, as well as our class sizes. Inclusion not properly funded is not inclusion...

Mary Giampa D’Andrea
Today one class went up to 36. Yikes.

Dania Hill
Discussion must also include the degree of complexity of the students.

Rosa Bianca
Whoever came up with the sardine can to represent class size problems is brilliant! I love this.

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