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Warning: Extreme Cold!!!

February 26, 2019

With many parts of Alberta recently setting records for consecutive days below -20 C, we asked on Facebook …

Teachers, are you feeling the EXTREME COLD WARNING blues? Tired of the polar vortex? How about indoor recess? How are you and your students coping with the cold and being cooped up?


Jaquelin Sara
I’ve heard some neighbouring schools run a polar bear club. Kids sign up and wear appropriate clothing. Kind of a neat idea!

Frances Vettergreen
We have that. It’s great. Requires intrepid teachers willing to supervise on their lunch hour, and parents agreeing to dress kids appropriately.

Merry Dechamplain
As a retired teacher I’m not missing all these indoor recesses. Be strong, colleagues, and be blessed with patience. The kids would rather be outside too.

Cheryl Trachimowich
We had Beach Day this week. Fond memories of warmer times!!!

Janine England
We’re experimenting with boiling water and frozen water balloons!


Jesse Vikse of Bashaw School throws coloured water into the air in a cold-weather experiment.

Kevin Heppell
Seven-layer parking lot patrol and fur hats.

Lori Karoly Szmul
Our kids are going swimming twice a week — 50 kilometre round trip on the bus. So for that blessed 45 minutes when they’re splashing with their instructors, I close my eyes and imagine Hawaii.

Leanne Breadner-Rein
Love where I live! Minus 25, wind chill included, means we don’t have a terrible amount of indoor recesses but yes, this polar vortex has even us under its spell. LOTS of movement breaks in kindergarten helps. Getting out of the classroom with recess breaks in the library, our courtyard and the gym definitely helps! Stay strong teacher-peeps 💪

Lyndsey Angela
We had our first outdoor recess today! It reached a balmy minus 20!

Kristen Louise
We went outside for a few minutes last week and blew bubbles. It was a great way to talk about refraction, transparent/translucent and liquid to solid.

Jeff Schultz
Extra GoNoodle and Just Dance breaks.

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