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Fun (yet professional) exchange

Tale End

February 5, 2019

Visiting exchange teachers from Australia spent a day getting oriented to the Alberta way of doing things at Barnett House on Jan. 25.

  Adam (right), Lachlan and Tara Fowler, the family of Australian exchange teacher Christine Fowler, ham it up for the camera before heading for a day of fun at West Edmonton Mall.

When you found out that you were coming on exchange to Canada, what was the very first thought that went through your mind?


Excitement. It’s going to be cold.

Christine Fowler
Teaching at: Elmer S. Gish, St. Albert
From: Adelaide, South Australia

I remember going straight onto Google maps and finding out where we were going to be living.

Craig McGown
Teaching at: Banded Peak School, Bragg Creek
From: Sydney, New South Wales


Finally. Because I’d applied the previous year and didn’t get a match.

Donna Hilton
Teaching at: Banting and Best School, Calgary
From: Adelaide, South Australia

Oh my gosh, we’re going … we’re really going!

Victoria Boyton
Teaching at: Bridlewood Elementary, Calgary
From: St. Georges Basin, New South Wales

I was in disbelief that it all worked out.

Leesa O’Brien
Teaching at: Monsignor Fee Otterson Catholic Elementary School, Edmonton
From: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Yes! I’ve been wanting to do this for many years. That’s why we became teachers, so we could travel the world and teach in other places.

Kelly Huxtable
Teaching at: West Park Elementary School, Red Deer
From: Pottsville, New South Wales

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