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December 11, 2018

 Facebook Feedback

What are you most looking forward to during the holiday break?

Heather Quinn
Setting my alarm on the first Monday of the break for the same early wake up, and then rolling over and turning it off when it rings, and snuggling back under the warm covers to fall back to sleep.

Hannah L Stephenson
Heading back to NB to spend time with my family!

Jess Anne
Finally seeing my family!

Brittany Marie

Carryl Bennett-Brown
All day long wearing pyjamas.

Cassandra Lacroix
Playing with my kids, painting, puttering and waking up late.

Tabatha Hart
Catching up with family and friends!!! Reading and having a pyjama day or two.

Keli Leona
Sleep, spending time with family and friends ... and more sleep!

Cindy Cikaluk
Spending quality time with family and friends.

Tom Stewart
Relaxing in a quiet home and going for walks with my dogs.

Shannon Rae Dube
Eating dinners with family and sitting on my couch by the fireplace reading a book. Oh, and not attending any meetings.

Mostly just enjoying the well deserved break with my family! (And preparing to go back to work after a maternity leave...) BUT, mostly enjoying the break.

Catherine MacLellan
Flying home to NS to be with family and to visit my brand new niece! Also read a couple of books, get outside, enjoy dinners with my family and simply be present! No alarms, not many commitments. I can’t wait!

Chantal Desgagné
Passer du bon temps en famille et avec les amis! Repos bien mérité!

Karine Desgagnés
Partager des moments en famille et avec les amis :) Faire du rattrapage de mes émissions de télé!

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Miss Shelby Stark @MissShelbyStark
Was approached by one of my student’s aunts today — she thanked me for letting this student be their true self in my class. After a week of basketball and p/t interviews, I am exhausted but little reminders like that make my heart full. That is why I do what I do.

Sarah Roston @MsRoston
This year I’ve tried bringing more ­stories into my math room. It has been super successful in helping students create and remember connections.

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