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Highlights from the legislature

June 11, 2019 Kim Clement, ATA News Staff

Opposition hammers away at education funding

The spring session of the 30th legislature began on May 22. Funding was the most talked about education-related topic during Question Period.

May 30—Rachel Notley asked Premier Jason Kenney to provide a clear answer on whether or not there will be funding for enrolment growth or cuts to the education budget. Kenney responded by reiterating the commitment to “maintain or increase funding” and that the minister of education is currently working with the treasury board to determine the reference levels for transfers to school boards. The information will be made available as soon as a final decision has been made. He concluded by stating that everyone needs to work together to ensure quality education while “bringing balance” back to the province’s finances.

June 4—Rachel Notley asked Premier Jason Kenney about the government’s plans for funding education, noting that school boards are “guessing” about funding levels for the upcoming school year. Kenney answered that the government expects school boards to properly manage the resources that are made available to them, and more information is forthcoming.

June 5—Shannon Phillips (NDP—Lethbridge-West) asked Education Minister Adriana LaGrange and Finance Minister Travis Toews if the necessary funds for the school nutrition program and the Classroom Improvement Fund will be provided. Toews answered that the government was clear during the campaign period that they will continue to maintain education funding, while looking for opportunities to deliver a world-class education systems in a more “efficient and intentional manner.” ❚

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