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ATA backing away from 2Learn

June 11, 2019 ATA News Staff

The Alberta Teachers’ Association will discontinue its funding of the online resource clearing house at the conclusion of this fiscal year, and the site is scheduled to go dark at the end of August.

The website came into the ATA’s custodianship in 2017. Since that time, the Association has been evaluating its use, scope and utility to Alberta’s teachers. Following a debate at the 2019 Annual Representative Assembly over the Victoria Day weekend, 425 teacher delegates representing all ATA locals carried Resolution 2-39. It read:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Alberta Teachers’ Association urge the Government of Alberta to take over the operation of in order to begin actively developing and reorganizing its online teaching resources to reflect the new curricula.

Discussions are now underway to fulfill the assembly’s resolution. ❚

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