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May 28, 2019

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Support Our Students @SOSAlberta

From today’s throne speech: “In the fall the government will introduce the Choice in Education Act. It will restore and expand choice for students and parents.” Choice is a euphemism for segregation.

On Premier Jason Kenney’s use of the term “special interest group”
in reference to the ATA

Lisa Hauk-Meeker @lhaukmee

The AUDACITY of @jkenney calling TEACHERS a “special interest group” in EDUCATION #shame #resist.

Timothy Huyer @tim4hire

The term “special interest group” is pejorative and is only used by politicians to denigrate the group advocating that interest. “Stakeholder” is the term that shows respect for the group. Mr. Kenney’s use of language is no accident.

Chris LaBossiere @ChrisLaBossiere

This is why I know I can’t be a partisan Conservative anymore. Teachers are a special interest group in education like doctors are a special interest group in medicine.

From ARA 2019 (#ARA2019)

Adriana LaGrange @AdrianaLaGrange

This morning I addressed the 102nd Annual Representative Assembly opening session of @albertateachers, attended by more than 400 teachers from across ­Alberta. I look forward to working with them to continue delivering quality ­education to Alberta’s students. #ableg #abed

Michelle Gagne @mgagne134

Starting ARA a little emotional. The list of teachers that have passed away in 2018, that’s my grandma. Proud to be a teacher like she was.

Shannon Dube @ShannonDube6

The @albertateachers finally got a Status of Women’s Committee! Success to support the 74% of people in our profession who are women.

Jen Halfyard @JenAnne11

Just heart-crushing stories about life as a northern and rural teacher. Funding model must change.

Facebook Feedback

Kelsey Ferguson

I am extremely appreciative to all of the educators who are spending their May long weekend working tirelessly and passionately for all Alberta teachers. They have my utmost respect.


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