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May 14, 2019

Facebook Feedback

On the ATA News article re: class size being a top issue

Melissa Campbell

The issue of class size for K–12 and the desperate need for E.A. supports are especially important issues in our K–3 classrooms. If earlier supports are provided for our students, we can catch a variety of needs before the gap widens and grows into a much bigger problem. Support is desperately needed in all areas (social, emotional, behavioural, academic and inclusive education). Our world is changing and we must be the ones who adapt and support the students. To make a difference in education we need to support our students in every way possible! Let’s pray the government recognizes the need to take action for our students and that there is special consideration of socio-economic disadvantages and their impact on student learning too. All students should have fair and equitable access to education. Visit a variety of schools and actually see what is going on at ground level. This would be a meaningful start!

On the ATA News article “Kenney pledges to rein in discovery learning”

Kathy Bell
Did I miss something in my 25 years of teaching? What the heck is discovery math?

Jacquie Hedges Harrison
And ... so it begins ... taught for 30 years in the public system ... the pendulum swings, then it swings again. The best teachers take the best practices and incorporate what works best for their students. We don’t need to throw the baby out with the bath water. Just find the balance that works.

Dan Grassick
The real math crisis concerns the number of students, teachers and classes.

Lori Karoly Szmul
Interesting that the PC government gave us the last curriculum … the one that caused the “decline.”

Cherra-Lynne Olthof
Excellent. Remove all references of discovery math from the curriculum. Aaaaaaand DONE! ’Cause the term “discovery math” appears zero times.

Tami Smith
Actually, the current curriculum we teach was implemented by the previous Conservative government. Have a look at the updated curriculum online. It’s available for everyone to see and study.


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