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April 30, 2019

Facebook Feedback

Response to headline and article by Global News: “Would a UCP spending freeze mean no more teachers and thousands of new students?”

Diana Pittman Melnyk
Well class sizes in Gr.1–3 are already bigger than the “oh no! Class sizes will rise to 20–22 students instead of the recommended 17.” Is this a joke? I don’t know of any classes in my district that are under 22 students! NDP didn’t fix that but if UCP get in it is now their fault? Give your head a shake!

Audrey Montgomery Allen
Another way to interpret “no increase”: if there won’t be a cut to education, they will maintain what we have now?


Letters to the Editor

Dear teachers of Alberta …

This message comes to you on behalf of a growing group of non-partisan, progressive Albertans who are united by their belief in intersectionality, ­diversity and inclusion.

We are concerned about what the outcome of our recent election may mean for critical aspects of our province, including education, and we imagine you are too.

We are reaching out to you in solidarity and to express our deep appreciation for everything teachers in Alberta do for our children, our communities and our province.

We see you. We see the long hours, increasing demands and challenges. We appreciate your commitment to and love for our children, and we are grateful for your dedication to ensuring our province has the best public education system in Canada.

Education is critical to the overall fabric of our province. It plays a vital role in building a future for everyone, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, creed, ability, age or political affiliation. We want you to know that you will not be alone in advocating for teachers, for students and for the education system in Alberta.

Happy Education Week.

Ann Bibby and Tammy-Jo Mortensen
Concerned parents

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