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What are your issues?

April 9, 2019

We asked on facebook …

Teachers, what issues will be top of mind when you mark your ballot on April 16? How will you engage with your candidates leading up to election day?

Andrea Lauren
Class size. Inclusion. Most importantly, protecting LGBTQ+ kids.

Leslie James
Inclusive education and teacher safety in the classroom are top of my mind.

Sarah Sophia
Class size and complexity, salary.

Nicole M-c
How about a raise! Class size and better supports for inclusion.

Nicole Mooney
I’m volunteering on my candidate’s campaign. We have a lot to lose in the election. I am not willing to risk having our new curriculum shredded or our students outed.

Donnella S
Who will do something for my class? Decrease class size, and increase support. On the other side, who wants to take supports from my kids and increase how many people they will learn with? I've already met with the incumbent in my area, follow all parties, and am watching what's going on and what has happened. It seems like my choice is for the least awful candidate.

Gurmit Bhachu
I’m volunteering in various ways for my local candidate. A lot to lose for students and teachers in this next election. Funding and classroom sizes are my two biggest issues.

Chasidy Zumbo
Class size!

Jocelyn Nadine
Issues about the environment. Our kids need it for a better future.

Kyle Darroch
GSAs and outing kids to their parents! Funding for inclusive ed. Funding private schools over public.

Colleen Dawn
Doing Student Vote with my 9s. It will be most interesting to see their research and thoughts on the candidates. My concern is a platform based on what is best for students, not trying to simply appease parents or just reverse all the NDP has done just because it was done by the NDP.

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