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(Some of) you made it to Spring Break!

What are you up to during your well-earned rest?


Jeff Lerouge
Ours was three weeks ago with 39 students in Costa Rica! 

Linnea Radersma
I spent most of the day outside yesterday. It was wonderful!


Justin Anderson
Exploring St. Lucia!

Cynthia Johnson

Broke out all my shorts ... put away most of my work pants ...
loving the weather. 


Melanie MacDonald-Winsor
Snowy adventures with the pooch!

Patricia Dianne
Sick with strep throat! So it’s tea, soup and TV for me!


Ryan Mennear
Didn’t make it to spring break :( Just kidding :)
Hanging out in the ATM cave outside San Ignacio, Belize :)


Karlee Nerh
Coffee date with my hubby!


Maxine Moller Holm

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