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Action Time! An important message from ATA president Greg Jeffery

April 9, 2019

An important message from ATA president Greg Jeffery


Albertans head to the polls on April 16.

Your Association has been hard at work trying to raise the profile of public education as an important education issue and we have appreciated your help and that of your locals in pushing this message.

With a week left until election day, now it is up to you.

Apathy is dangerous and we need all teachers to be active in this election.

Participation takes many forms: attend events, contact candidates, volunteer to help your favourite campaign, get out to forums, ask education-related questions and talk to your neighbours.

I urge you to find three concrete actions you can do between now and April 16 to put education on the ballot.

And, finally, vote!

Our future, and that of our students,
depends on it.

Thank you.


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