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March 19, 2019

Facebook Feedback

On rural–urban education gap

Alan Skinner
I’ve taught in rural schools for nearly a decade now, and it’s frustrating to see the vicious circle. Enrolment drops, so we have to cut staff and programming, and some families decide to send their kids to a bigger place where they have more flexibility. That drops enrolment more and makes the problem worse. Our school board does what they can to help out the more remote schools, but the formula needs to change.


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On seclusion room ban

Karen P-Bayus @Kpbayus
Misbehaviour is in fact “stress behaviour.” Seclusion rooms serve to increase stress so they increase misbehaviour. Instead, help children build a positive sense of self and feeling that they matter and they belong.

On Ontario’s ban of cellphones in schools

Glenn Finockio @gfinockio
Watched several of my students use their phones today to assist in their learning, including reading notes during a structured discussion, looking up the meaning of unfamiliar words and looking up a famous piece of art described in a poem. Glad to see AB taking the mature, reasoned approach rather than driving the use of devices “under the desk.”

On ATA’s all-party public education forum

Dan Scratch @DanScratch03
Also, a gentle reminder, education is never objective and neutral. Every decision made in education is political, whether it’s about pedagogy, curriculum or even school culture. It’s not partisan, but teachers, students and administrators make political decisions every day.

Jonathan Hemphill @MrJHemphill
Inclusion without supports is a circus, not education.

Craig Baskerville @cbaskerville
There was lots of rhetoric from all parties today about finding “efficiencies” in #abed. Albertans deserve more than vague talking points. We need to keep asking questions.

From teachers’ convention

Silken Laumann @SilkenLaumann
Loved speaking to hundreds of teachers at #getca conference today. Invest in your own growth and self care and you will inspire the children you lead!

Hayley Wickenheiser @wick_22
Wow thanks to all the teachers @getca #getca convention for great reception! Loved so many of my teachers! Thx for what you all do!

Daniel Polsky @mr_polsky
“When was the last time you saw something that made you throw your arms back and say ‘wow!’”? An inspiring talk from @georgekourounis on the power of exploration and embracing the unknown. Powerful lessons for the classroom.

Lisa Bush @purplesemicolon
“You cannot tell a kid how to emotionally regulate. You have to show them. You cannot tell a kid how to calm down. You have to show them.” @JodyCarrington on the need for emotional connections.

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