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Mental health organization to receive Public Education Award

May 15, 2018 ATA News Staff

The ATA’s Public Education Award will be presented to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) at the Annual Representative Assembly held in Calgary on the May long weekend.

This award is offered occasionally to an individual or a group that has given outstanding support to public education in Alberta other than through teaching.

A Canadian organization that educates, provides mental health services and advocates for mental health, the CMHA has partnered with the Association for the last eight years on the Healthy Minds, Bright Futures campaign. This collaboration has included significant contributions by the CMHA in the development of the classroom resource Compassionate Classrooms and the Can We Talk? multimedia campaign. In addition, CMHA staff throughout the province conduct extensive mental health workshops and seminars for teachers, parents and students.

Founded in 1918, the CMHA is one of the oldest voluntary organizations in Canada, offering services and supports to more than 1.3 million Canadians through the combined efforts of more than 11,000 volunteers and staff across Canada in more than 330 communities. ❚

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