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Ready, Set, Grow

January 16, 2018

Teachers’ convention season just around the corner

2018 convention themes
  • Responding to changes in the educational landscape
  • Teaching in inclusive classrooms
  • Educating for reconciliation
  • Promoting holistic health and wellness
  • Embracing the importance of play
Also featuring
  • Sessions from the Walking Together:
  • Education for Reconciliation program
  • Indigenous Ways of Knowing
  • Collective Memories: Braiding
  • Our Stories Through History
  • Indigenous Alberta: The Footsteps
  • of Our Ancestors

Teachers’ conventions are an annual winter tradition in Alberta. Attending convention gives teachers an opportunity to hear about new education research, consider innovative pedagogical practices and discuss issues of professional concern. Conventions are a core component of teachers’ ongoing professional development.

Membership in a specialist council is another potentially integral component of a teacher’s professional growth. Your Association has 21 specialist councils, and every active member is entitled to join one at no cost. Specialist councils organize annual conferences, produce publications, maintain websites and offer regional workshops and seminars, thus providing professional development opportunities and promoting teachers’ expertise in curriculum and specialty areas.

While some council conferences have already taken place, a number of them are scheduled for the coming months.

Teachers’ Conventions 2018

Specialist Council Conferences 2017/18


Convention Questions

Visit the ATA’s website for teachers’ convention Frequently Asked Questions

General questions regarding teachers’ conventions should be directed to administrative officer Barb Bossert.

Telephone: 780-447-9461 (in Edmonton);
1-800-232-7208 (toll-free in Alberta);

Questions regarding the teachers’ convention that you attend should be directed to your convention association.

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