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December 5, 2017
Teachers share their views on class size (#MyClassSizeIs)

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Denise Larre
It's not always the class sizes that are the biggest problem. Class composition and supports are a huge factor as well. The workload increases each year and nothing is taken off the plate. I can see why there is teacher burnout!!

Lisa DeBow
The struggle is real. Teachers seriously consider leaving just for work–life balance. We love our job (actually teaching) but working non-stop, not having supports and still not feeling you are making a dent/difference is most heartbreaking.

Barb Henker Larochelle
I just retired after 29 years in Edmonton. The smallest class I ever had was 24, and that was 27 years ago and once again a couple of years ago. I've had classes of 35, 36, 38 multiple times, even up to 43. I've nearly always had 30-plus students.

On Twitter

Stephen Merredew @smerredew
I am a teacher, with two HS classes of 30+, lucky compared to many of my @albertateachers colleagues across the province.

Stephanie Appelt @MissAppelt
This year has been my most challenging yet with the number of students and the levels present in a single junior high class. Students are losing out on opportunities (like science labs) because #myclasssizeis too big.

Jen Halfyard @JenAnne11
33 Grade 7s — 2 coded, 6 more uncoded LD, 3 ESL #MyClassSizeIs

Danielle Abell @Miss_Abell
Many students need my attention and focus. I get some EA support, but my class could definitely benefit from more adults in the room with the needs I see each day. I have so many young people in different places on their educational journey!

On new teacher inductions

Shealeigh Brandford @sheabrandford
Thank you @FoothillsATA for the wonderful induction ceremony and dinner. I am so blessed to be in the best profession, local and division!

jason schilling @schill_dawg
Looking forward to attending @FoothillsATA induction this evening; best part of this VP gig by far.

@BRLocal#32 @Brlocal32
Welcome to the most important and influential professions in our world today!

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