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November 21, 2017

On ATA support for the GSA Bill 24

Sam Yam @samtheyam
I’m proud to be part of an organization that promotes and protects the rights of students.

Jacob Schwayduh
Thanks for making schools safe for all students.

Corey Lee
While I think I have good judgment, how in the good lord’s name can I tell if the kid is living in an accepting and loving home or not? JK, you are right out to lunch on that one. There is not one teacher or administrator that can make that call accurately.

Sheilagh Stacy
No teacher I know wants the responsibility, or danger, of outing a child (this law makes it crystal clear they can’t and won’t).

Facebook Feedback

On the topic of inclusivity, class size and the #MyClassSizeIs campaign

Michelle Stroud
One must not only consider the size but the composition of the students within the classroom that can also make a HUGE impact!

Heather Racz
What frustrates me the most is that the push for inclusion isn’t coming with adequate funding or staffing. Students with special needs are not well supported with more teachers or EAs in classrooms.

Lindsay Jones
Truth! Unfortunately it seems like we have very little in terms of actual training for supporting and programming for those students with exceptional needs. I would love it if we did have more.

Chelsea DePape
Inclusion isn’t a problem in a smaller class size, but I have a rough class with 34 students and there’s at least half of them with learning needs and ELL and/or autism. Inclusion is effective and reasonable if the class size is reasonable.

On Twitter

davidstawn @stupidtalk
One of challenges with the classroom improvement fund is everyone seems to have different idea about what will improve classrooms.

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