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World Teachers’ Day a cause for celebration

September 26, 2017 Kim Dewar, ATA News Staff

Members of Calgary Public Teachers Local No. 38 celebrate World Teachers’ Day in 2015 by giving away apples at Heritage Park. This will be the third year that the local has organized the event.

With World Teachers’ Day approaching on Oct. 5, Alberta Teachers’ Association president Greg Jeffery is encouraging colleagues around the province to celebrate the profession and the efforts of teachers worldwide.

“Please know that your labours and the work of all teachers will be recognized as all of us continue to make our world a better place one student at a time,” Jeffery said.

Since 1994, World Teachers’ Day has been celebrated internationally on Oct. 5. The day is an initiative by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and is celebrated in more than 200 countries. According to the organization’s website, the day is devoted to celebrating the contribution that teachers make to society and generating awareness of teacher issues. This year’s theme is Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers.

A number of ATA locals throughout the province traditionally organize activities to recognize the occasion. One such local is Calgary Public Teachers Local No. 38 which, for the third straight year, will be giving away more than 500 apples to guests at Heritage Park on Sunday, Oct. 1.

The apple giveaway will take place in front of Weedon School. The Alberta Teachers’ Association donated the historic one-room school to the park in 1964 and paid for its restoration.

“Our ongoing presence at Heritage Park gives us an opportunity to remind Calgarians about teachers’ contributions to historical preservation but also to society in general,” said Kevin Kempt, president of the Calgary Public Teachers Local No. 38.

“Mostly, however, this is a chance for us to just thank Calgarians for their ongoing support for teachers and public education.” ❚

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