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September 12, 2017

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Tweets about education (#abed)

Ashley Lamantia @valamant
Hoping to talk about #mentalhealth with your #students? @albertateachers’ has helpful tips and lesson plans. #abed

CSL ATA @CSL_Leaders
Welcome back to the 2017/18 school yr. @albertateachers teachers & leaders have put in a tremendous amount of prep work planning for a great year!

Facebook Feedback

On Kim Campbell’s keynote address at Summer Conference

Lindsay Brown
She was AMAZING!

Shirene Napier
Fabulous! A very enjoyable keynote.

Letters to the editor

Encourage politicians to get involved

For far too long the ATA has been viewed by the public as a union bargaining for lucrative salaries and enviable conditions of service for teachers.

The Association has not done enough to publicize the extensive professional development activities
organized to keep Alberta teachers up to date in educational technology. The elaborate educational research
projects undertaken by the Association go unnoticed.

The editorial of the ATA News of Aug. 29, 2017
[headline: Summer Conference brings educators and decision makers together] has set the tone for correcting the unfavourable perception of the role of the ATA in the educational system of the province. The Association’s Summer Conference in Banff provides intensive
professional development and leadership training.

Local, provincial and federal politicians should be invited to participate in activities in our schools and have the chance to interact with teachers right in the schools. This will obviously enhance public relations and improve the decision-making process in educational matters.

The editorial is highly informative and thought-provoking. Teachers should discuss it during staff meetings.

Leo R. Sam, retired teacher


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