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Smile for the camera

September 12, 2017

Members of Calgary Local No. 38 participate in their city’s pride parade on Sept. 3. (Photo by Nelson Moulton)


 Grade 11 student Kaleb Nutbrown was “thinking big” while preparing for his first day of math class at Wainwright High School. (Photo by Mary Frank)


 ATA Local No. 55 president Richard Campbell represents Calgary Separate teachers at the Calgary pride parade with fellow local member Grace Feeney, who is also his former student.


 Karen Nakaska (left) is ready to begin her 29th year of teaching in Alberta while her daughter, Julia Turner, is ready to begin her first.


 Kristel Rensmaag and Shannon Dube of Fort McMurray Local No. 48 take a break from their participation in the first Pride YMM event on Aug. 26.

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