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May 29, 2018

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On the 101st Annual Representative Assembly (#ARA2018)

Nicole FrenchGillies @nfrenchgillies
As a smaller local who has a small budget to work with, thank you to the assembly for supporting those teachers going to Summer Conference and encouraging more engagement of teachers with children.

Timberline Local @TimberlineLocal
The oldest female pensioner is 108 years young, retired in 1974 and has received a pension for 44 years!

Jason Schilling @schill_dawg
Thrilled to have Canadian Mental Health Association receive the public education award today at #ARA2018. Mental health needs affect and touch every classroom in our province.

Stephani Clements @stephaniteacher
Impressed with the quality and tone of debate. It’s important to listen to different perspectives from around the province.

Facebook Feedback

On former president Carol Henderson receiving honorary ATA membership

Tracy McNish

Well-deserved! I could always count on good advice from Carol when I taught for a couple of years at the same school that she did.

On Dennis Theobald’s Q&A
addressing the United Conservative Party’s resolution to split the ATA
ATA News, May 15)

Trese Lynn

B.C.’s is separate and it’s terrible. I hope this never happens to the ATA. I couldn’t agree more with the article’s statement: "Alberta’s students continue to benefit from one of the highest-performing education systems in the world."

Dustin Blumhagen

Personally, I think the union may be much more effective if split from the professional organization. It certainly hasn't been as effective as much more active unions, like nurses.

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