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March 27, 2018

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On the ATA’s call to scale back private school funding

Deb Rennie

It should easily be moved back to what it was for years under the Conservatives, before the last increase. That is a no-brainer.

Marco Pasin

I don’t agree with this. As long as a private school has to teach the Alberta curriculum it should receive funding.

Karen Schweighardt

As an ATA member, I completely disagree. Not all private schools are elitist. Some fill a void that public education is missing. We tried public education for three years and it was not able to support the special needs of our child.

Breanne Connie

I think that’s what is being addressed. If public schools were funded properly, children with special needs, and all children really, would be serviced properly and we wouldn’t have to shell out tens of thousands to pay for education.

Chris Wudarck

Once again, the ATA is ignoring the interests of any teachers not teaching in full-time/part-time positions in schools. There are teachers who work at these schools! The thousands of unemployed or underemployed teachers and subs that need to work somewhere.

On Twitter

On the ATA’s Political Engagement Seminar

Dr. Cristina Stasia @CristinaStasia

So looking forward to speaking at @albertateachers political engagement seminar tonight! Teachers are always one of my favourite audiences.

Karen Polard @kpolard

@albertateachers served up a great weekend with thoughtful speakers and interesting dialogue at our Political Engagement Seminar. Thank you for the opportunity, @ECTlocal54!

Shannon Dube @ShannonDube6

Listening to @JoelFrench from @PIAlberta speak about the Revenue Reno Campaign. Thank you to @albertateachers for bringing him in to speak to us.


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