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March 13, 2018

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On the auditor general’s report on class size

Kimberley Rae
It’s the combination of expectations and class sizes. If they want individualism and inclusion then classes need to be smaller.... my opinion.

Tasha Roa-Yaremkowycz
Disappointing, no wonder so many teachers are on stress leaves and are leaving the profession.

Jeaneen Carter-Jacobs
It is also who is in those classes. It makes a huge impact on the learning environment and workload.

On public dollars for private schools

Sonja Farrell
We live in a community with two schools; the public school is at or over capacity, and as a parent I want to choose to be able to pay to have the other choice.

Dania Hill
You make the point perfectly. The government needs to address equitable access for all to a high standard of education. If rich people can/want to pay, let them, but smaller classes, support for inclusion need more help and that requires more funds.

Heather Gagne
As a teacher and a parent whose child went to private school, sorry ATA, I have to disagree — you are wrong. My son had 12 [students in his] class and two adults were there to help him through his LDs. All students were able to access additional help as well as learning aids. This is something we can’t do in regular classrooms because we can’t/won’t deny enrolment, don’t enforce class sizes and will never have that much funding per class.


On Twitter

Dan Scratch @DanScratch03
Shout out to all my teachers across Alberta who are embracing social justice as part of their pedagogy.
I know it’s not always easy and there are many challenges, but your courage to teach for justice and equity will resonate across this province.

Ken Chapman @KenChapman46
Behind most accomplished people there was a teacher who made a positive difference in that life.


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