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Staff officers to take on new roles with Association

March 13, 2018 ATA News Staff

At its February meeting, Provincial Executive Council appointed ATA executive staff officers Keith Hadden and Phil McRae to new positions.

Hadden, who works out of the Association’s Southern Alberta Regional Office (SARO) in Calgary, has been an executive staff officer since 2011. Effective April 1 he will assume his new role as associate co-ordinator, Member Services—SARO.

Keith Hadden, associate co-ordinator, Member Services

An executive staff officer in the Association’s Government program area, Hadden serves on various committees, conducts workshops and acts as an Association expert on teacher growth, supervision and evaluation. He is also responsible for executing various facets of the discipline process including investigating allegations of unprofessional conduct and presenting evidence at professional conduct hearings.

In his new role, Hadden will have continued involvement with committees and the discipline process. He will provide advice to members, assist with field service to ATA locals, direct the work the work of SARO executive staff and perform other duties as required in addition to being responsible for the overall operation of SARO.

Effective May 1 McRae will transition to the role of associate co-ordinator, Government—Research. His current responsibilities include acting on a broad range of committees, assisting with ATA publications as an editor and writer and providing research support on a variety of education issues. He is also a principal investigating officer on the Growing Up Digital Alberta research project, a large-scale study of the physical, mental and social impacts of digital technology and media on Alberta students.

Phil McRae, associate co-ordinator, Government

As the associate co-ordinator of the Association’s research, McRae will organize and co-ordinate the research of the Association across each of its four program areas — Government, Member Services, Professional Development and Teacher Welfare.

Hadden will fill the vacancy left by Kurt Moench. McRae will step into the shoes of J-C Couture. Moench was with the Association for 17 years and Couture 19 years. Both will be retiring after 40 years in the teaching profession. ❚

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