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October 24, 2017

Facebook Feedback

Via the ATA Facebook page, we asked teachers how they deal with Halloween. Here is a sampling of the responses.

Cassandra Greve
We wear black and orange, do celebration centres (Halloween themed), incorporate the theme into language and music instruction throughout the month.

Paul Gagne
I deal with it like I deal with everything, with books. I brought several hundred Halloween books to school on Friday the 13th (including a couple dozen written by my students), and I’m encouraging them to read Halloween books and making them write Halloween themed stories. BOO!

Cherra-Lynne Olthof
I tuck the oars into the canoe and go with the flow. May as well enjoy it! I dress up, hand out candy, tell spooky stories, play games … it’s one day. And it’s for the kids.

Jocelyn Stickel Encinas
Afternoon dress up, throw a party, movies, crafts and snacks. Halloween is my fav. Going as Roberta Bondar this year.

Dwayne Wenaas
I try my hardest to ignore it. Most hated holiday on the calendar.

Letters to the Editors

News should be free of politics

I am writing out of concern for a political cartoon published in the Aug. 29 issue. This is the second time that the ATA News has published an item critical of another nation’s leader. While I strongly dislike Donald Trump, I find it in very poor taste that a publication from an organization that represents all teachers in Alberta should depict this type of message.

Can we not keep our news as politics-free as possible, as we have a diverse membership with a variety of their own political views. If necessary, does this need to be made into an ARA resolution for future debate among other colleagues?

John Halvorsen
Grade 4, Edmonton Public Local No. 37

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