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April 10, 2018

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On the provincial government’s Budget 2018 for education

Mary Giampa D’Andrea
Very disappointing. Teachers will be spread thin and the quality of education will suffer. I feel so bad for all kids. Students won’t get the time they deserve from their teacher because teachers will be putting out fires ... boo.

Scott Raible
Respectfully, this budget is far more supportive
of education in our province than the UCP budget would probably be. We need to be aware of the political realities of the time we are in. Quite likely there could be a government change next provincial election and we will wish for a budget like this one.

On Twitter

On Nick Falvo’s Viewpoints column entitled "Alberta needs a sales tax"

Roger Doucet @RogerDoucet

 Alberta doesn’t need a sales tax, it needs a government that will live within its means. How about an article about the spending problem of the NDP? Show that you are not politically biased.

Jason Porteous @jwporteous

What in the world does this have to do with the teaching profession? I would like our ATA News directed towards improving the profession, not arguing for ANY political viewpoint. I pay good money for an association to be focused on itself instead of playing politics.

From technology lecture hosted by the Educational Technology Council

Carmen Glossop @carmenglossop

All media is educational! It’s just as important to feed the brain as it is the body. It’s the quality of the media that matters — Dr. Michael Rich.

Ed Pub Teachers @EdPubTeachers

"Kids hear 1% of what we say, but see 100% of what we do." — Dr. M. Rich on what parents need to do to model the behaviour that kids need to see to learn how to self regulate and limit their time on devices.

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