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January 30, 2018

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We asked teachers: “What is your favourite part of teachers' convention?”

Laurie Jean
Seeing colleagues that I haven’t seen since last year!

Elaine Shanks
I am a retired teacher. One of the best things about teachers' convention was having so much choice. So many times PD is not relevant to what you teach, or where your interests are. Teachers' convention allowed you to choose from an extensive list of PD and that is a luxury that teachers don’t get very often.

Lynn Hamilton Farrugia
Connecting with colleagues and friends.

Response to Jan. 16 editorial calling for more resources to improve learning conditions

Ed Meers
Very true. Many don’t understand the plethora of mental health issues that teachers must contend with in the classroom. Schools like mine, particularly, experience very high student needs, given our inner city, refugee and immigrant demographic. I know that teachers have their limits tested as we strive to teach curriculum while dealing with the issues and behaviours of students who are afflicted by PTSD and factors related to poverty.

It is a tough slog, but given that we work with our most important resource — children — teachers give it their all. We, or shall I say our students, require so much support. We have an amazing support team at our school, but, like the teachers, their plates are overflowing with the high demands for help. We do what we can with what we have, but it seldom feels like enough. This is another serious factor in teacher burnout and why so many leave the profession.

I tip my cap to all those who serve these beautiful children and hope each and every teacher knows that their sacrifices are making a huge difference.

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