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August 29, 2017

On the Twittersphere

Tweets from Summer Conference (#ATASumCon)

Chris Demeule@MrDemeule

Last day at #ATASumCon! It has been some of the most informative and engaging PD ever.


Had a great week in Banff at the #atasumcon! Thank you to all our Parkland delegates who attended. Looking forward to an exciting 2017/2018!

James Slattery@jmhslattery

Huge shout out to @sharon_vog and her team for all their work putting on #atasumcon. Alberta teachers thank you!

Nicole Felicitas@Ilivelearnteach

See you throughout the year, fellow Association instructors as well as fellow local reps! I had a blast!

Grasslands ATA 34@GrasslandsATA34 

You can love and respect people who don’t agree with you. Right Honourable Kim Campbell.

jason schilling@schill_dawg 

Enjoying @AKimCampbell’s detailing about leadership, both good and bad, and how to prepare our leaders. Also, how cool is she?

Greg Jeffery@ab_teacher 

#ATASumCon has begun. Pleased to have shared dinner conversation with @AKimCampbell Canada’s first female Prime Min.

General tweets about education (#abed)

Neelam Boora@kneelamb

I’m a taxpayer, teacher & parent—kids deserve the best, glad curriculum is being updated.


Welcome back to the 2017/18 school yr to all BRSDLocal #32 teachers & @albertateachers. A great year of your influence on Alta youth ahead.

Deneen Zielke@DeneenZielke

Having a great day meeting new EIPS teachers at their orientation day.

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