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Conference Calendar

For a complete listing of events, consult the Conference Calendar or contact Barnett House. Telephone: (780) 447-9400 in Edmonton or 1-800-232-7208 from elsewhere in Alberta. Events are posted on the Alberta Teachers' Association website.Prior to attending a conference or workshop, please contact the sponsoring organization to confirm dates, locale and contacts.

September 27–29
BEGINNING TEACHERS' CONFERENCE, Fantasyland Hotel, West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, AB. Sponsor: Alberta Teachers' Association. Contact: Corinne Anderson. Telephone: (780) 447-9470; fax: (780) 455-6481;
e-mail: corinne.anderson@ata.ab.ca

OUTREACH EDUCATION COUNCIL CONFERENCE, Delta Lodge, Kananaskis, AB. Theme: "Celebrating a Decade: Revealing the Gifts Within At-Risk Youth." Sponsor: ATA Outreach Education Council. Contact: Mike Morison, Conference Director. Telephone: (780) 429-5752;
e-mail: mike.morison@epsb.ca;
website: oec.teachers.ab.ca

October 12–13
SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS' CONFERENCE, Glenmore Inn and Convention Centre, Calgary, AB. Sponsor: Alberta Teachers' Association. Contact: Kurt Moench. Telephone: (403) 265-2672;
e-mail: kurt.moench@ata.ab.ca.
Contact: Doreen Link. Telephone: 1-800-332-1280;
e-mail: doreen.link@ata.ab.ca


October 18–20
MATHEMATICS COUNCIL CONFERENCE, Fantasyland Hotel, Edmonton, AB. Theme: "Mathematical Tapestries: Weaving the Connections." Sponsor: ATA Mathematics Council. Contact: Martina Metz, Conference Director.
e-mail: martina17@shaw.ca.
website: www.mathteachers.ab.ca

SPECIAL EDUCATION COUNCIL CONFERENCE, Kananaskis Village, Kananaskis, AB. Theme: "Celebrating the Challenges." Sponsor: ATA Special Education Council. Contact: Brenda Giourmetakis, Conference Director. Telephone: (780) 424-1270; fax: (780) 424-1284;
e-mail: mgiourmetakis@shaw.ca;
website: specialeducation.ab.ca

October 19–21
SOCIAL STUDIES COUNCIL CONFERENCE, Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper, AB.
Theme: "Curriculum Crossword: Deciphering the Puzzle." Sponsor: ATA Social Studies Council.
Contact: Les Champ, Conference Director. Telephone: (403) 253-2261;
e-mail: lechamp@cbe.ab.ca;
website: ssc.teachers.ab.ca

RELIGIOUS AND MORAL EDUCATION COUNCIL CONFERENCE, Canmore Inn and Suites Hotel, Canmore, AB. Theme: "Getting Our Act Together: Contemporary Moral Issues."
Sponsor: ATA Religious and Moral Education Council. Contact: David Bouchard, Conference Director. Telephone: (403) 342-4800; e-mail: dbouchard@rdcrd.ab.ca

October 24–26
COUNCIL ON SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION WCEAC CONFERENCE, Fantasyland Hotel, Edmonton, AB. Theme: "Diversification in Education." Sponsor: ATA Council on School Administration. Contact: Jennifer Lawley, Conference Director. Telephone: (780) 448-5000;
e-mail: jennifer.lawley@epsb.ca;
website: www.wceac.org

October 25–27
BEGINNING TEACHERS' CONFERENCE, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Calgary, AB. Sponsor: Alberta Teachers' Association. Contact: Corinne Anderson. Telephone: (780) 447-9470; fax: (780) 455-6481
e-mail: corinne.anderson@ata.ab.ca

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION COUNCIL CONFERENCE, Telus Convention Centre, Calgary, AB. Sponsor: ATA Early Childhood Education Council. Contact: Kate Janzen, Conference Codirector. Telephone: (403) 777-6050; e-mail: kajanzen@cbe.ab.ca. Contact: Jocelyn Wilson, Conference Codirector. Telephone: (403) 777-6050;
e-mail: jgwilson@cbe.ab.ca;
website: ecec.teachers.ab.ca

October 26–27
INTERCULTURAL AND SECOND LANGUAGES COUNCIL CONFERENCE, Calgary, AB. Theme: "Languages and Culture: Taking the Lead." Sponsor: ATA Intercultural and Second Languages Council. Contact: Farida Garrett, Conference Codirector. Telephone: (403) 230-4743;
e-mail: zarkongod@aol.com.
Contact: Theresa Trapnell, Conference Codirector. Telephone: (403) 228-5810;
e-mail: theresa.trapnell@cssd.ab.ca;
website: islc.teachers.ab.ca

November 9–10
ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE COUNCIL CONFERENCE, Palliser Hotel, Calgary, AB. Theme: "Building Culturally Responsive Schools: Realizing the Dream." Sponsor: ATA English as a Second Language Council. Contact: Margaret Webber, Conference Codirector. Telephone: (403) 777-6340;
e-mail: mkwebber@cbe.ab.ca.
Contact: Fran McGilvray Cooke, Conference Codirector. Telephone: (403) 777-8560;
e-mail: flmcgilvray@cbe.ab.ca

November 16–17
GIFTED AND TALENTED EDUCATION COUNCIL CONFERENCE, Edmonton, AB. Sponsor: ATA Gifted and Talented Education Council. Contact: Tracey Schaufele, Conference Director. Telephone: (780) 438-4200;
e-mail: tracey.schaufele@epsb.ca

November 16–18
SCIENCE COUNCIL CONFERENCE, Fantasyland Hotel, Edmonton, AB. Theme: "Planet Earth—Ours to Understand and Cherish." Sponsor: ATA Science Council. Contact: Gillian Vas, Conference Director. Telephone: (403) 755-3460; e-mail: gvas@shaw.ca. Contact: Dilys Halford, Conference Registrar.
e-mail: dhalford@atasc.ab.ca;
website: sc.teachers.ab.ca

November 22–23
LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS FOR ADMINISTRATORS CONFERENCE, Calgary, AB. Sponsor: Alberta Teachers' Association. Contact: Jacquie Skytt. Telephone: (780) 447-9469; fax: (780) 455-6481;
e-mail: jacquie.skytt@ata.ab.ca

November 22–24
LE CONSEIL FRANÇAIS CONFERENCE, Fantasyland Hotel, Edmonton, AB. Sponsor: ATA Conseil Français. Contact: Élise Lee, Conference Director. Telephone: (403) 320-2287; fax: (403) 328-8413;
e-mail: elee@atrium.ca;
website: cf.teachers.ab.ca

GUIDANCE COUNCIL CONFERENCE, Banff Park Lodge, Banff, AB. Theme: "Voices of Counselling Speak Out." Sponsor: ATA Guidance Council. Contact: Marlene Donnelly, Conference Director. Telephone: (403) 938-2477; e-mail: mdonnelly@redeemer.ab.ca;
website: www.guidancecouncil.ca

November 22–25
FINE ARTS COUNCIL CONFERENCE, Capri Centre, Red Deer, AB. Sponsor: ATA Fine Arts Council. Contact: Peter McWhir, Conference Director. Telephone: (403) 931-3445; fax: (403) 931-3887; e-mail: mcwhir@telus.net
website: fac.teachers.ab.ca