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Just in Time Newsletter

Vol 12:1 April 2017  Theme: Teaching Refugee Children. In this first issue of 2017, we discuss the challenges and rewards of working with children who have come to Canada to escape persecution. Included in this issue are articles covering stories and strategies for teachers to engage children and their families to feel welcome and at home in their community and new country. Also in this issue are resources for teachers on refugees and an introduction to the team facilitating the new Walking Together: Education for Reconciliation project. 

Vol 11:2, April 2016.  Theme: Truth and Reconciliation. We focus on the outcomes of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's final report in this edition. Included are articles about Aboriginal culture and recent steps forward towards reconciliation. Just in time for the DEHR conference (pun intended), DEHR committee members included short statements about what the work of our committee means to them. Information about information resources and upcoming events are also included.

Vol 11:1, January 2016.  Theme:  Gay-Straight Alliances. In this issue of our newsletter, we explore the progress made recently in allowing GSAs/QSAs in Alberta schools. Articles include: "Legislation and Policy that Protect Sexual Minorities in Alberta Schools" and "Alberta's First Gay-Straight Alliance Still Offering Relevant Lessons." Also included: "Supporting Sexual and Gender Minorities in Our School Communities," information about the ATA's DEHR workshops, new print resources, online resources and resources available through our ATA Library.

Vol 10:2, February 2015.  Theme: Racism and Prejudice. This issue of our newsletter includes an excerpt from “White Antiracist Activism: A Personal Roadmap” which explores the invisibility and pervasiveness of white privilege. Also included: news of anti-racism campaigns around the world, a listing of upcoming training events about racism happening around the province, online resources, and resources available through our ATA Library.

Vol 10:1, March 2014. Theme: Duty to Accommodate. Articles include: “Accommodation for Parents”; “The Duty to Accommodate Within the Context of the Employment Relationship”; and “Duty to Accommodate Students”. A tribute to the life of former editor, Karen Virag, is also included. Lists of resources and selected notices and events are also provided.

Vol 9:2, April 2013. Theme: Unpacking Diversity. This issue of Just in Time contains an article about the history of the Diversity, Equity and Human Rights (DEHR) Committee. This issue also features the members of the 2013/14 committee, who provide short statements about what diversity means to them. This issue also contains an article entitled “Belly Dancing for Human Rights,” which is about the formation of a trilocal diversity committee in northern Alberta. A list of DEHR Committee publications and links, as well as a list of resources and upcoming diversity, equity and human rights events also appear.  

Vol 9:1, January 2013. Theme: First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education. Articles includes "The ATA’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education Policy and Action Plan"; "Valuing and Validating the Culture of Aborginal Students in School Libraries"; a profile of vol 2:1 of the journal of the ATA’s Social Studies Council, One World in Dialogue, which contains many articles on FNMI education; an extensive list of resources ,including information about the ATA’s FNMI workshops, the Healthy Aboriginal Network; a selected bibliography of FNMI material in the ATA library; a list of notices and events; and information about the 2013 FNMI Education Council conference.

Vol 8:2, June 2012. Theme: Social Justice. Articles include highlights of two Inclusive Learning Communities grant projects: the Peer Ambassador Club, at Forest Lawn High School, in Calgary, and Diversity Day, at Olds High School, in Olds; a description of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network; an article by two US researchers entitled "Using the Circle of Oppression to Understand Teaching About Social Justice"; an article from two University of Alberta researchers on schooling and social justice ("A Human Rights and Global Citizenship Perspective"); and a broad list of resources and information related to social justice.

Vol 8:1, December 2011. Theme: Poverty in Alberta. Articles include “Poverty in a Land of Plenty”; “Using Education to Reduce Poverty”; “Make Poverty History: Why Alberta Needs a Poverty Reduction Plan”; two accounts from Alberta teachers about their first-hand experiences with poverty; and an extensive list of provincial and national resources.

Vol 7:2, June 2011. Theme: Diverse Kinds of Diversity. Articles include “A Diversity of Diversities”; “Cultural Diversity in Outdoor Education”; “Promoting Leadership in the Ongoing Professional Development of Teachers: Responding to Globalization and Inclusion”; and “How Teachers Can Help Immigrant Children Adjust to Their New School.” A comprehensive list of resources and selected notices and events are also provided.

Vol 7:1, January 2011. Theme: Transgender. Articles include "Replace Judgment with Curiosity: How Teachers Can Deal with Sexual Difference in the Classroom”; “Transforming Education: Struggles and Strategies for Transgender Students”; and “A Little Respect Goes a Long Way.” Also includes an extensive list of resources for teachers.

Vol 6:3, July 2010.  Theme: Global Education. Articles include “Promoting a Sense of Place for Children in Natural Areas” and “How to Inspire Environmental and Global Citizenship in Students.” 

Vol 6:2, January 2010.  Theme: The Relationship between Gender and Technology. Articles include “Do Boys and Girls Use Technology Differently?”; “Blame the Game: Are Video Games Causing Our Boys to Fail?”; and “Gender and Blogging.”

Vol 6:1 September 2009.  Theme: Faith and Its Place in Public Education. Articles include “Interfaith Awareness Is Key to Understanding Diversity” and “Religion: What’s It About?”

Vol 5:3, fall 2008.  Theme: UNESCO Associated School’s Project Network. Articles describe the UNESCO ASPnet project and highlight some of the Alberta schools that are part of the network.

Vol 5:2, spring 2008.  Theme: Aboriginal Education. Articles include “The 10th Annual UN Student Conference on Human Rights: Recognizing the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” and “The Kîkway Kikiskîyîtîn Project.”